Kitchen Hooks

Where do you stash your kids lunchboxes?
I’ve been struggling with this!  My kitchen is teeny-tiny, and I of course could carve out a place in a cupboard or a drawer, but I use them so frequently that it seems silly to always keep stashing them away.  So, anyway, here’s yet another cupboard door project…
 1 hook for each kid..
I’ve loved this simple, new piece of my life.  My son knows where to hang his lunch bag everyday after school, I hang my baby’s bibs and ‘snack bag’ that I have to fill and refill every day for baseball practice/games/gymnastics etc.
 I started out with a long-skinny cupboard door
I primed and painted it with my free paint from Ace Hardware (same color as here)
Iattached hooks from Home Depot
Finally, I adhered the vinyl numbers just for fun.
What’s your lunch box solution?