Monday Update

Hello- Jen here!
Long time no post, right?
Well on my last update, I mentioned that I would be working hard on the
Project Run & Play looks but the real reason I haven’t posted in a while is that
I moved (one hour away) this past week!
So the month of March was packing, sewing, packing, sewing, photo shoots, packing, panicking, stressing, etc.
Do you get the picture??  I had no idea when I committed to Project Run & Play that we would be moving the same month.
Now I am sitting at my computer at my messy desk in my messy house taking a break from unpacking.  I will get back to sewing and projects but right now I don’t even have a sewing area set up yet!  Autie and I were able to complete 3 out of the 4 looks for PR&P before the move and so I just have to do the last one… better get organized quick!
In the meantime- for the duration of PR&P, we will have a sneak peek on Tuesdays, and the full PR&P posts up on Fridays.  We will get back to our regular posting once PR&P is over.
In case you want a peek into my crazy life – here are some instagram shots of my life lately…
 Fun times sorting through 10 years of files
Packing break- Aaron is getting so good on the scooter!
Trying to keep them occupied while I unpack- Playdough fun.
Moving is so exhausting!
Why you should never leave your 3 year old alone washing his hands….
My unpacking companions
Have a great Monday!