hello sign

 Remember {this post} that Jen and I made together?
Well, I’ve made several signs for it to welcome guests such as {this one}, {this one}, {this one} and {this one}.  But, holidays aside, for the most part, my post just sits there…naked.  It needed a sparkly everyday sign to welcome friends to our humble home.
So, yet again, I give you another cupboard door sign that was the easiest one yet!

Step 1: Spray Primer
Step 2: Paint (mine was brush on free from Ace Hardware a couple of weekends ago)
Step 3: Use white paint marker (found at Joann’s) to handwrite ‘hello’ across the front
Step 4: Slap a top-coat on there
Step 5: Staple-gun a scrap of burlap to the back to make the hanger.

I have a crush on it.