Dream Kitchen

I have already designed my dream kitchen.  Someday…. 🙂
Right now I am renting, so there isn’t a whole lot I can do with my kitchen.
It is what it is.
We just moved into a new house in a new city.  We love so many things about our house, but the owner’s taste and mine are just a bit different.  Here is what my kitchen looks like:
It is a great size and has so many cabinets that my stuff doesn’t fill them up!  Crazy- my last kitchen was bursting at the seams.  The charcoal paint at the top?  I am getting rid of it as soon as I get completely unpacked.  It is just plain weird.
If I were to buy this house, this good kitchen could be a GREAT kitchen.  I would probably reface the current cabinets.  They are in good enough shape, but I just love white cabinets.
Second, I am definitely not fond of white tile countertops.  I feel like they are never completely clean.  I find myself (maybe this is a good thing…) wiping them down many times a day because it grosses me out to see crumbs on them!  My last kitchen had dark gray countertops and I probably didn’t clean them enough!
So I would put in a solid countertop- I love the look of soapstone, and I like granite too.
It is amazing what just those two improvements (plus the paint!) would do for this kitchen.
Does your kitchen need a facelift?  What are your favorite styles?
Here are some ideas: