Last-Minute Laundry Bag

This week, I re-organized my girls’ closet.
The way I rearranged it, there wasn’t any good place to stick their laundry basket, and who really wants to have a big ole laundry basket in the middle of a cute room?
My neighbor (and best friend/craft-genius) made a cute laundry bag using the same utility fabric that we used {here} to hang on the wall behind her girls’ room door.  It’s big, it’s washable, and it’s hidden behind the door, rather than sticking out like a sore thumb!
(ps, she also was the originator of this cute Easter craft)
I grabbed her bag to use as a pattern, and I happened to have all the stuff I needed to make it!
I made the whole thing last night in about 15 minutes and I’m pretty excited about it!  (plus it was free!…my fav!)

Utility Fabric (I got mine at Joann’s…it’s the stuff they make re-usable grocery bags out of) 61″ x 27″
2 strips of fabric (for the bias tape edging, or you can just use double fold bias tape) cut at 2 1/2″ x length of fabric
-2 strips of ribbon, 14″ each
-fold one of the 27″ edges of the utility fabric under 1/2″ and sew down.  This will create the finished top of the pocket.
-Fold the other 27″ end of your piece over, about 5 inches, and sew a seam right along the edge.
-Fold one end up toward the other end, passing over the other 27″ edge (mine happens to be the selvedge and  overlapping it by about an inch and a half or so.
Pin in place.
-Sew a seam from the outside toward the inside from each edge, using a zig-zag stitch to make it a little sturdier about 6 inches from each edge.
-Make your own double fold bias tape, or use a package of the store-bought stuff, and start from the top of one side, and sew it around the perimeter of the entire bag.  I folded the bias tape under on each edge to finish it off a little nicer.
-lastly, fold ribbon strips in half, and sew it onto the front of your laundry bag (I also fray-checked my ends) about 4 inches from each edge.