Name Hunt Wall Art

I’m obsessed with street signs!
Where I grew up, every street was a number…I lived on NE 163rd Place…and the only ‘named’ streets were ones that went from one town to the other…like: “Woodinville-Duvall Rd” (which ran from Woodinville, to Duvall…fancy that!)
Anyways, so I love living in a city where all the streets have fun names…
I’m also obsessed with decorating with meaningful words…thus my latest piece or wall art:
Our Name Hunt Wall Art
I noticed pretty quick when we moved here (and I was pregnant with Ivy) the Ivy Circle sign off of a major road we drive up and down…
Since then, we’ve tracked down every name in our family, as well as some visiting cousins.
We all hop in the car with the camera, and go on a name hunt…it’s a fun little Sunday activity.
 Anyway, I know this won’t work for everybody… but I think its a fun way to decorate…keep your eyes peeled when you’re driving around…or type your name into ‘google maps’ like I do…with your city, or a surrounding city, and see what you find!  Maybe you can go on your own name hunt!
{ps…I know, I know…what the devil is that weird thing behind the pictures?  I’m trying to disguise our eye-sore of an electrical box with something fun…just ignore it and it’ll go away!}