Boo Boo’s Pillow

My Grandma is the queen of really fun songs.
She sings songs that her mom taught her (and they are quirky, and hilarious…and the most fun old songs ever made!) and she sang them to my mom, and to me, and to my children…aren’t my kids lucky!?
My kids especially associate one song that she sang to them with ‘Boo Boo’ (as they called her) and it’s this:
Now run along home,
and jump into bed,
say your prayers,
don’t cover your head.
Just one more thing,
I’ll say unto you:
You dream of me,
and I’ll dream of you!
It’s the most darling song, and any time my kids and the cousins would be with Boo Boo, they’d all gather together before bed and sing that special song with them.  They loved it, and she loved it.
A couple of months ago, I got the idea into my head that I needed to preserve that memory for my kids with Boo Boo.  I wanted her song, in her words, stitched by her.
I called her and asked her if she’d like to do this project with me:
 I wanted to make a pillow for each of my kids,
and each of my siblings kids with her special song on it.
Even though she was so sick, and probably not up to the enormous task of embroidering 11 songs, she agreed to help me.  She wrote the song out for me, and she and my mom traced it onto muslin so we could begin hand-stitching the songs.
 She was able to begin 1 song.  She got through the first two lines of the my daughter Scarlet’s pillow, {below} and then she passed away.  My mom and I finished the rest, and I tried to crank out the pillows in time for Christmas (it happened for my sisters…but not me or my brother)  But, I was able to give my kids their pillows on Valentine’s Day!
I’m so grateful to have listened to that little prompting when I got it, and get my Grandma to at least write that song down in her handwriting, so that my kids could have something special to remember their Great-Grandma by.
If you have the chance now to do something similar….do it!  a recipe, a poem, a song, a story…
these memories are priceless!