Aaron’s Book

A few months ago, I finally got around to a project that I had been meaning to get to for a few years.

When we adopted Aaron, (read that story here) we discussed how we wanted to approach the topic of adoption with him.  We didn’t want to just have an awkward discussion one day, we just wanted him to always know.

So we decided to make a book, just for him, telling his birth story, and how he came into our family.

I wanted his book to be a board book- one that would last.  No chance of ripped pages, etc.  I did a lot of research and discovered that there aren’t that many options.  I wanted a decent sized one, and many companies only make tiny ones.

Finally I found a company, Hullabaloo Stories, who makes a larger board book.  I bought the book, and the next step was to send in our story and photos.

I wrote up the events leading up to and after Aaron’s birth, and my husband took it and made it into a story for a little boy.

The story begins begins:

Once upon a time, there was a Daddy, a Mommy, and a Sissy. (Aaron’s nickname for Emily) They all wanted a baby brother.

Mommy and Daddy decided to adopt a baby, and waited and waited for a special baby to be born so that they could take him home.

It goes on to describe the phone call we got from our case worker and the trip to Detroit to pick up baby.

Everyone fell in love with little baby Aaron as soon as they saw him.

The story continues with describing their stay in Detroit while waiting to be able to go home.

After a couple of days, they met Aaron’s birth mommy.  She loved Aaron very much, but was not able to take care of him.  Since she loved him so much, she wanted Daddy, Mommy and Sissy to be his family.  She knew that they would give baby Aaron lots of love, hugs and kisses.  Daddy and Mommy love her so much and are so thankful that she brought Aaron into the world so he could be their son.  

For that, she is their angel.

The book concludes with a family picture, and discusses how grateful we are that Aaron is in our family.

Maybe soon there will be another baby for Mommy and Daddy to adopt so that the whole family can be even happier.

We started to read this book as a family to Aaron when it arrived.  I wasn’t sure how he would react to the story, but he didn’t react at all.  He enjoys seeing all the pictures, especially “baby Aaron.”

I am so glad we had this book made.  It answers any questions he might have about his adoption, and hopefully he will have this book as a comfort throughout his life.

In the meantime…

We were approved last June to adopt again.  We are in the waiting phase- waiting to be chosen to be the parents of another precious baby.  We don’t know what is in store for our little family… but we are hoping and praying that we will soon cross paths with a birth mother who will be our second angel.