Scarf Trims

I have a list of projects to do.  It grows and grows, and just keeps getting bigger and bigger.  I always add to it before crossing very many things off.  Life happens, right?
Such was the story over the holidays.  My project to-do list just kept getting pushed aside.  The gorgeous Christmas dress that I was definitely going to make for Emily… didn’t get made.  I actually just bought one this year.  It was a sad day (not really) but I had to face reality! My parents were here visiting from Colorado, we had Aaron’s 3rd birthday, my birthday, Christmas… well enough said!
So as I sit here writing this post, I am thinking of all the things I need to get done now that school starts tomorrow and my life gets back on its normal schedule.   As well as all the boring stuff, I need to get sewing again!  I really have missed it.
I have this fabric I bought in LA to make myself a couple of scarves.  They were on the to-do list before Christmas…another thing I relegated to the “later” pile.
I really like scarves, especially when they have fun trim on them.  I have been browsing around the web for some good trim, and always start with Lace Heaven, one of our sponsors.  They have such an amazing selection and great great prices.
Here are some ideas for trimming your DIY scarves:
This would be perfect for the edges of the scarf, you probably would only need a yard to do both ends!
Love ball fringe and this color would be super cute!
They have fun sequin trim in every color, size and shape.  Perfect for a dressier scarf.

5/8″ 9 Colors – Scroll Sequins

This could be really cool on the ends of the right scarf:
They have a fun selection of metallic trims as well.  Wouldn’t this be cute peeking out from the layers of your scarf?

1/2″ White Sheer with Silver Metallic Edge

Go check out Lace Heaven!
Make yourself something pretty.