Knit Pencil Skirt

My skirt selection in my closet is pretty sad.  For some reason, I really don’t like very many of them!  So I decided to make a few knit pencil skirts that I could mix and match with.
There are loads of tutorials to choose from, but I really liked
There is just one seam in the back, elastic at the top, and a hem at the bottom.
30 mins top!
The trick is finding a nice knit that doesn’t stretch out, and isn’t see-through.
I made these before Christmas, and have worn them countless amount of times.  They are so comfy, but look nice too.  The only change I made from Mimi’s tutorial was to change the width of the fabric rectangle.  (Step 1) She uses her waist measurement and I used my hip measurement minus 1″.  I used a double needle for the hem and it looks and functions great!
Go check out her amazing tutorial.
This would be a great project for beginners.