Basic Bodice Design Series: Shwin & Shwin

We are so excited for another amazing guest post as part of our
Today we have Shauna from Shwin & Shwin.  This lady is so awesome!  She just had a darling baby girl and still offered to participate in our series.  Talk about time management!  (I could use some lessons…)
She has serious talent. Not only does she have an amazing pattern shop, but her site is full of adorable free tutorials too:
OK… I kept scrolling and scrolling down her tutorials and it was so hard to just pick three to spotlight! Go check out her blog!
Hi iCandy readers! I am Shauna from Shwin&Shwin and I am thrilled as always to be participating in another awesome iCandy series! I love this series especially since I do
90% of my sewing by altering a basic bodice pattern. There is so much you can do to
make tons of different styles.
Today I made simple little tunic with collar and front slit. Adding little details like embroidery or applique can also mix things up a bit.
Since I am a little obsessed with deer (as you can see here, herehere and here)I added a little embroidered deer to this top and of course a cute little bow to keep it feminine.
So let’s dive right in.
Start with a basic bodice pattern, or draft a new one. I always use a shirt that fits well as my base to making my own. Either way for the tunic I made the bodice longer and bell out a little at the bottom. (you will also want a basic sleeve and collar but we will talk about the collar later)
Then I started by adding the embroidery to the front where I wanted it. To do this I simply drew the deer on with a disappearing ink pen and then used a simple back stitch to trace it. I added a bow using a small scrap of felt cut in a bow shape and added a little button to the center.
Now for the front I cut the center slit that I wanted.
Then using a rectangle scrap I cut the same slit in the rectangle and with right sides together I stitched along the slit.
Then turn the rectangle around the back and turn the raw edges under then top stitch in place.
I also added some small little buttons to both sides of the slit.
Then sew the front and back together at the shoulders.
Next add the sleeves to the arm curve opening.
Then with front and back right sides together sew from the end of he sleeve to the armpit and down the side.
Now for the collar. Measure the neckline, add in seam allowance on both sides. then cut a rectangle that is that width and the height that you want your collar I made this one about 2.5 inches tall. I wanted a rounded front so I simply rounded the top corners. You will want 2 collar pieces. I also add interfacing to one to help give stability to the collar.
Then with right sides together sew one collar to the neckline of the top. The collar should hang over the front by the amount of the seam allowance. If it hangs over too much simply trim it back a bit.
Then with the other collar piece press the bottom edge up by the seam allowance.
Then with right sides together sew the collar pieces to each other along the top and side edges.
Then turn the collar right side out and sew along the folded edge (bottom of the collar) to secure everything neatly in place. Hem the sleeves and bottom and you are done.
A simple little tunic that can easily add some style into any wardrobe.
Thanks Jen and Autie for having me! I am loving watching the whole series!