Flat Glass Marble Tree

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One of my favorite Christmas decorations I remember from my childhood was this jeweled Christmas tree that hung on the wall.  It was framed, and the jewels and lights were on a dark green velvet background.  It was totally 70’s old-school.
So last year, I decided to make a more modern version of the tree from my memory.
The process was one disaster after another, and well, I never finished it.
The last straw happened when the frame didn’t fit on it.
I put it away in frustration.
This year, with fresh perspective, I was able to finally finish it.
(This is why I stick with sewing- I am much more comfortable with fabric!)
Between last year and this year, I actually forgot all about it.
When we were decorating the house at the beginning of this month, I found it in one of the bins.  I peeled back the fabric (which was really hard, I used some mean glue!) and had my husband saw off the excess mdf that caused the frame to not fit.
Then I glued the fabric back down.
I put it on the wall, and plugged it in.
UH OH! It didn’t light up! I almost cried.
With my last bit of hope, I started twisting the lights (on the back)
in hopes that the string would light up.  AND IT DID! Whew.
Who knows how many hours this thing took me?
Over the space of TWO Christmases.  Ha!
This is how I made it:
1. I drew a tree design on the back of some MDF cut by Home Depot (Make sure you cut the right size, unlike me!)
2. I marked where I wanted the lights to go.
3. I drilled holes for the lights.
4. I wrapped the front of the MDF in fabric and glued it down in the back.
5. I used a dowel to poke the holes through the fabric.
6. I glued flat glass marbles (on the front side) into a tree shape around the holes for the lights.
7. I used a short strand of lights, and inserted the lights into the holes.  I hot-glued them into place on the the front and back.
8. I painted a frame red.
9. I painted strips of wood and glued them on the back of the frame so the light strands don’t get smashed.
10. I glued the fabric covered board into the frame.
I really like my modern-throwback Christmas tree!
It looks so pretty up on my wall.
And I’m pretty sure I am never going to make anything like it again.