Handmade Christmas Ornaments

For the past couple of years, I’ve handmade some ornaments for each of the members of our family.  It’s been a fun tradition that I look forward to continuing for the years to come.  Some i love, others not so much.  whatever.
This year, since I’ve been using a ton of vinyl and my cricut, I just bought a box of 12 shatter-proof ball ornaments, and vinyl-ed their names across the front.
Simplest idea, but I love them.
I bought enough to make some for my neighbors kids, too
 I love the bright fun colors, and I guess I just am obsessed with letters and words for decorations these days, so why not hang them on the Christmas tree as well?
 Here are some examples of home-made ornaments from years past:
Snowman hands:  love this one.  We just painted everybody’s hand white, and slapped it on a clear ball.  Then we decorated with puff paint circa 1985.  these are some of my favorites!
 Felt, lowercase monogrammed ornaments, with a touch of stuffing in the middle.  Each person has a different color, and I love that it brightens up the tree.
 and lastly, just a clear ball ornaments stuffed full of all of my red & green ribbon scraps I could muster.  My kids stuffed them in, and then when it was full, I tied a bow on top and called it good.
Do you make your own ornaments?  Please, share and give me some ideas for future use!!!
ps…i know I’m from Seattle, so it’s a little embarrassing, but…one day we’ll rock a real tree!