Drop-Cloth Tree Skirt

Hey Guys!
Boy, this month, or last couple of months is absolutely flying by me!  I can’t believe that Christmas is in a handful of days!  sheesh.
I’ve been busy working on multiple projects all at once {isn’t that how the holiday season works?} Crazy.
Anyway, the ONE thing that I wanted to get done this year for Christmas was to get a tree skirt.  I’ve never had a tree skirt.  Most of the time, we just wrap some fabric around the base of the tree and call it a skirt.  2012 was the year, though.  I started scouting around Pinterest to find the one that I wanted…I found a few that I liked…but then I even contemplated buying one because I’ve been so busy!
Finally, I found {this one} on shanty-2-chic.
pretty easy…do-able.
Her tutorial was great… really great!
Here are a couple extra things I did…or things that I wondered about!
1.) I didn’t have a tree skirt to trace…but I did have an outdoor vinyl tablecloth for my circle patio table.  I laid that under my tree…and the size was perfect.  So I used that for my template (including the hole!)
2.) I cut my ruffle at 4.5 inches.  (she didn’t mention how thick her ruffle was).  You can gauge how thick you’d like yours, but 4.5 was a good number for me!
3.) I serged around all of my edges, and like she did, I did a black rolled-hem on the ruffle.
4.) Lastly, I added the wordage around the edge of my skirt…I love it!…just using that good ole freezer paper method.
 And now onto last minute preparations!