Homemade Science Kit

This year for my son’s birthday, my sister-in-law sent him the most fun gift: His very own science kit.  He was so excited about it, and this kit made it easy for me to just whip out a cool project for him with NO prep.  Max’s best friend’s birthday is a month after his, so we whipped one up for River.
 The kit comes full of all the ingredients necessary to make two hands-on gooey, slimy gross things: ooblek and gak.
All I did was cut out a little vinyl to label the containers he could use to store his creations and the lid of the science kit.
 I purchased the ingredients needed, and then printed and cut out the recipe’s to glue onto the top of the tubs.  You can use my template {here} on Google Docs.
 I stuffed all of the stuff into a shoe box-sized sterilite tub (perfect fit)
 I feel pretty confident that if you gave this for a birthday gift or slipped it under the tree this year, it would be a hit!
{Thanks, to my sis-in-law, Katie for the freaking rad idea!  Max was in love!}