Basic Bodice Design Series: StraightGrain

We are so excited to announce our next guest for our
Just recently, I discovered the amazing An, from StraightGrain.  You might recognize her from these amazing projects that have been cropping up everywhere!  And if you aren’t a follower already, I know you will be as soon as you check out her blog.
Check out these Origami Raglan Sleeves!
She shares her tutorial here:
How about this ADORABLE little Peplum Bubble Dress??
An is offering her multi-sized pattern for FREE! Go check out the post here.
Take it away, An!
Hello everyone! I’m An from the blog StraightGrain, and I’m so happy to be able to share a little tutorial in this great series!
When Jen and Autie asked me to come up with a tutorial to embellish a basic body block, I pretty soon decided to do something with piping and pleats. Those are really my favorate ways of giving garments that little extra something. For the look below, I started from a basic bodice pattern, and made some changes in the front piece of the bodice. I left the back piece unchanged. The skirt is a simple rectangle, with two pleats in the front (alligned with the piping in the bodice) and two in the back (in the same position as those in the front).
The pics below will show you how to adapt the bodice front.
When the bodice is finished, you can add the skirt. I used a simple rectangle, which was 60 cm (23.5 inch) wider than the waist of the bodice (so each of the 4 pleats ‘eats up’ 15 cm of fabric). I first stitched together the left and right edge of the rectangle (good sides together); then I created the four pleats, and next I stitched the bodice and skirt together. After I finished the hem of the skirt, the dress was…
Thank you, Jen and Autie, for having me!