Basic Bodice Design Series: Sailing Into Autumn Dress

Here is my first design for the Basic Bodice Design Series.
This dress actually inspired the series.  I had this mustard fabric, and wanted to combine it
with navy/white fabric.  The dress morphed into something different than my first idea, and I am so happy with the end result.  Emily loves it too.
A girly bow, nautical hints, fun Autumn colors.
I created a nautical sash detail, with two covered buttons to add interest.
So ready for the world’s longest tutorial?
It walks you through the whole process – starting from a basic bodice pattern,
all the way to the end.

Bodice Pattern
About 3/4 yard bodice fabric
1 1/2 yards skirt fabric
invisible zipper
covered buttons
I started with this pattern for the bodice:
It was a bit high waisted so it was perfect to add a waistband to.  I chopped off the sleeve to a tiny cap.  You can use any similar pattern.  If it is longer waisted- just cut some off.
Then I cut two rectangles for the skirt: The width of the fabric x 18″ wide.  One piece, I cut in half vertically for the center back seam.
Then I cut a strip for the waistband: 26″ long x 4″ wide.
You would need to adjust these measurements for a much smaller/larger size.  Email me if you have any questions.
 Then, I traced the sleeve from the pattern, and just cut it off into a tiny cap sleeve.
Above: Sleeve was hemmed

Trim edges of waistband to line up with center back edges.
Stitch up the back center seam under the zipper.
Make covered buttons and sew them on wherever you like.
Hem the skirt to your desired length.