Everyday Basics: Knit Boyfriend Cardigan

I have a favorite cardigan.
It is a (size M) navy and white striped one that I bought from Forever 21.
I have pretty much worn it to death.
This past summer, I decided to recreate it, since it is so perfect.
Here are my reincarnations:
 (We found a turquoise wall…isn’t it awesome?)
 I love these cardi’s.
 You can use regular jersey like I did, or if you
find some fun sweater knit, that would be awesome too!
(Maybe a HUGE thrifted sweater??)
You could lengthen the sleeves to make it warmer.
(Just use an existing sweater to change the pattern)
P.S- I am also wearing my Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee…in case you wanted to see it again…
Here is the size medium pattern (Google Docs)
With this pattern, don’t overlap the pages, just butt them together.  
Be sure to use a quite stretchy knit… Unless you are size small…
Otherwise (if it is a stiffer or less stretchy knit), you might want to
add a 1/4″ seam allowance to the pattern.
Hope you like this one!

* About 2 yards knit material (Maybe a little less??)
* Matching Thread
* Pattern

(Note on Neckband: 64″ long.  This is longer then the width of most knit fabrics.  So you may need to piece it together to make 64.”  The easiest way would be to cut 2 pieces that are 32 1/4″ long, and sew them together to make the long strip.)

Cut pattern pieces out.

 (Thanks, Autie for letting me borrow these pics!)

Not shown: Take the neckband and fold it in half lengthwise, wrong sides together.  Press to crease.  Find the center.  With cardigan right side out, and raw edges together, pin the center of the band to the center of the back neckline.  Measure out 3 1/2″ from center of band on each side. Mark or pin.  Match up those marked areas to the shoulder seams.  Pin.

 Make sure you stretch the back neck part of the band to fit the back neck curve of the cardigan.

Not shown: Attach band to bottom of sleeve.
For detailed instructions, see the tutorial for Autie’s Cardi.  She does a great job showing how to sew and attach a sleeve band.

Have Fun! It is one of my favorite patterns I have yet made!