(iCandy) my 2012 home-grown halloween decorations

Who doesn’t love to update their Halloween decorations?
When I pull my Halloween box out every year, or my Thanksgiving box, or my Christmas box…es…I think to myself: “what in the world was I thinking when I bought that?!”
So, each holiday, I’m trying my best to get rid of the stuff I don’t LOVE, to make room for some updated decorations that I do!
This year, I had fun making a few new Halloween decorations that I thought I’d share with you!
 My first project was with my Mother-in-Law.  She and I concocted this outdoor creepy chandey for right outside my front door.
We bought the plain light fixture from GoodWill on a particularly fabulous thrifting day.  We sprayed it black, along with a string of white pearls.  We bought a package of fake spider webs and some pumpkin lights at Michaels.  All we had to do was string the trail of pearls onto the chandelier itself.  The pumpkin tea-lights fit right on top of the light inserts.  I haven’t seen many other doors with spooky chandeliers, so it’s been fun to have up! (How will I store this one!)
The next project I wanted to try was the good ole-fashioned cheesecloth ghosts.  I had some liquid starch sitting in the back of a cupboard, so this project was screaming to me.  We made mini ghosts to hang from my spooky tree, and also made ghostly garlands with them to string in front of my windows!  i love them!  (has anyone ever made these?!)
To make them mini, we just barely blew up water balloons, and draped the 6″x 6″ cheesecloth squares over it.  Fun and easy!
 and lastly, one day while my oldest was at school, my 3-year-old, Ivy and I thought we’d see how long it would take Max to notice a funny family picture.  She helped me pick out what each member of our family would be (and pushed the buttons on my cricut.)  Fun, random decoration!
(photo taken by Kim at Tickled Pink Studios)