Basic Bodice Design Series Inspiration

I am so excited for our fun series, which is officially starting tomorrow.  I have been working hard on a new dress for Emily that I am so excited to show you.
Ever since we started this blog and I began sewing so much, every time I see a cute dress or a picture of one, I think… How could I make that?  Then I (at least try) to figure out how I would go about it.
Because I am hoping that you (our lovely readers) can get into the spirit of this series and create your own looks, (which you can post in our linky parties or emailed to us if you don’t blog) I thought I would post some inspiration.  All of these looks can be created using a basic bodice pattern:
Cute stuff, huh…
So get started and lets have some fun creating dresses!
BTW… Dresses for women count too!