DIY King-sized Pillow Shams and Bed Makeover

When my husband and I got married, we bought an awesome king-size bed.  It’s been great, but that’s all it’s been…mattress, box-spring, on top of a metal bed frame.
and for the last 5 years, it’s been up on risers so we could store stuff under it.
blah. ugly.
I’ve been itching to make a headboard for forever, but just could never find exactly what I was looking for to make it happen.
In addition to having no headboard, the problem of what kind of bedding, and what colors for that matter, to put on my bed.  I’ve morphed from one genre to the next.  I’ve made several different throw pillows, king-sized shams, etc…but my bed was never how I wanted it, and it really bugged me.
Until now!
 I’m giddy when I look in my room!  We were able to purchase a new bedroom set (bed frame and matching dresser) from an amazing local furniture store (more on that in a second…and by the way, they have everything under the sun you could ever imagine for AMAZING prices). And once I had the bed frame in place, along with the few things that I did like, and want to incorporate into my space (my elephant pillow, my quilt, etc) I only had a couple of things to do to make my bed what I wanted!  yippee!
 So, my color scheme turned out to be black, cream and every shade of turquoise. (I think it works).
I found those amazing quatrefoil pillows at Far Below Retail.  This is also the furniture store where we purchased our bed.  (again, it’s a great store with so many options you’re bound to find what you want)
Far Below Retail
1414 E. Wilshire Ave
Santa Ana, CA 92705
(ask for Jacob if you’re interested!)
 So, once I set up those pillows, and the elephant pillow, I knew I needed something darker to bring the bed together with the headboard.  So, I whipped up these king-sized pillow shams, and thought I’d give you a quick tut on how to make them.  They’re so easy, and I feel like they completely make my bed (no pun intended).
Like I said, I’m giddy when I peek in!

Here’s a quick tutorial on how to make ONE king-sized sham
(1) 41″ x 25″ piece of fabric (front piece)
(2) 25″ x 25″ pieces of fabric (back pieces)
here’s a little ‘blue print’ of what you do

The first thing you need to do after you have your pieces cut, is to serge or make a small 1/4″ hem on one side of each of your two back pieces.
Easy-peasy, layer your front piece, with the right-side up.  Next, lay your two back pieces down, with the right-sides facing down on top of the front piece.  The two back pieces should overlap a little, and the finished edges should be in the middle (being overlapped).
Pin all three pieces in place and then sew around the perimeter.
Clip just the tips off of each corner to give you a wicked corner, and then turn it right-side-out.
Press each seams, and make sure your corners are nice and pointy.
Next, measure and mark 2.25 inches in, from each seam, all the way around the perimeter.
Sew along your drawn line.
Your pillow should fit snugly in that little envelope closure and have a nice border around the outside.  I starched my shams before I stuck my pillow in so that the outside border was nice and stiff.
I hope this tut was helpful!