DIY Gauze Scarf

So last week I hit the Old Navy skinny jeans sale (love!),
and as I was walking through the store, I saw so many cute scarves.
It’s just lately that I have been starting to collect necklaces and other accessories….seriously what is wrong with me? What took me so long??
And last fall/winter was the first time I really have gotten into scarves.
Anyway, as I was looking at these scarves, I saw some cute ones, but none that I really loved.  Then I thought maybe I could make a couple for myself.
So I hunted down some lightweight fabric and got going.
I chose gauze for its interesting texture, and white is easy to find.  I had some cotton trims laying around, and a bottle of navy dye that I hadn’t used yet.
I used the navy dye for both, but did different techniques.  I really like how they turned out.  White cotton voile would work nicely too; it would be a much smoother look.



-2 to 2 1/2 Yards (I used 2 yds, but they could have been longer)
Cotton Gauze or Cotton Voile Fabric (makes 2 scarves)
-thread the color of your dye (DO NOT USE WHITE!)
-cotton trim
-fabric paint (optional)
Cut your fabric in half lengthwise.  You will have two narrow, long rectangles.
Gauze is pretty finicky, so this is what I did to finish the edges.
You could do stripes, or use a stencil to do another fun print.  Go to town!