Sunday Sundaes

I made one of these projects a year or so ago, but actually lost it, so while I was making our family a new set, I thought I’d share it with you in case you hadn’t heard/seen this idea!
On Sundays, we go to church for 3 hours as a family.  For the first hour and about fifteen minutes, we sit together as a family, and you can imagine that keeping several children as quiet as possible for over an hour is quite an accomplishment.  My kids are fabulous, and we bring small quiet activities for them to do for that first hour to keep them entertained.  But, kids will be kids, and on occasion, one of them needs a little reminder about how to be ‘reverent’.
So, my sister shared this idea with me…Sunday Sundaes.  There are a million ways to do this, but my kids are definitely motivated by ice cream, so this is what we do!
Each of my kiddos start out with 3 ice cream scoops.  When we get to church, the kids get to choose which color of scoops they want, and they decorate their own cone.  I give them each a warning, but after that, if I have to remind them that they need to be reverent, or if they do something to bug one of their siblings, I simply remove a scoop.
 At the end of the meeting, the amount of scoops they have on their respective cones is how many {mini} scoops they get that night for dessert.  They remember the next week, if they didn’t reach their full potential…and try extra hard to earn their full 3 scoops each week.
Obviously, this can be used for more than just church…how about a long car ride? or a long wait at a doctor’s office?  Fun, huh?
 We don’t always have ice cream in the freezer…but we do usually have dessert on Sunday nights…and we just try to make sure that there are three components to our dessert…1 scoop of ice cream sandwiched between 2 cookies…3 mini cookies, or 3 small squares of brownie.
 To create our file-folder Sunday Sundaes, I used my Cricut cartridge called Simply Sweet.  I have three kids, so my scoops fit perfectly with my file folder opened vertically.  Obviously if you have more or less kids, you can alter the orientation of the folder, or increase or decrease the size of your cones and scoops.
After I cut out all of my pieces, I laminated them, and used sticky-backed velcro.
To make the pocket on the back, I used double-sided tape on the sides and bottom of my rectangle and then I laminated the entire file folder open.  After laminating, I used a razor blade, and made a simple slit along the top edge of the ‘pocket’…and as long as no one tugs on it too hard, the scoops are well-kept from week to week!
Hope you can use this idea!
{and ps…don’t worry, my baby doesn’t eat ice cream, her cones just for looks…for now}