Knit Stay Tape

We found a little spool of magic, as far as sewing with knit goes…
Get excited for this!
While I was in Arizona this summer, I took a sewing class at the store that I bought my sewing machine at.  After my class, I took a look around and aside from some amazingly cute knit fabric, I found a knit wonder!
Knit Stay Tape
 The scary thing about sewing with knits, at least for me, is the hem…I accidentally stretch it out while I’m sewing it, and the hem turns out wavy and wonky, and then I’ll never wear it.
This stuff is amazing…I’ve had the prettiest hems since I started using it…try it!
So, all you do, before you sew your hem on, is iron this stuff to the wrong-side of the bottom of your garment that you’re going to hem.  That’s it!  Then while I’m sewing, I can feel where the tape ends, and I can fold the hem under as I go.  It prevents the accidental stretch, and it makes such a pretty hem– no wonky!! See?
Like I said, I bought it in Arizona, at a store called The Bernina Connection, but here is the website on the package {click here} (look under ‘tapes’ for this product)
I hope that this will help you in with some of iCandy’s knit projects and tutorials!