DIY Kimono Towel Robe

So I know the end of summer is approaching.  I probably should have posted this a few months ago, but better late than never, right??  There is always next year.
Anyway, where I live, Summer hot weather starts in July and goes through September.
So we still will get plenty of use out of this Kimono Towel Robe.
Looking for a way to keep that towel on your little one and off  the ground, but don’t have hours and hours to spend making a fancy robe?  Here is a short and sweet project, requiring just an old towel and coordinating bias tape.
I finished this in 30 minutes and that included taking all the photos and figuring out the measurements.
So for sure a 20 min project.
This robe tutorial will fit most kids, maybe 3 through 8 years old?  For littler ones, use a small bath towel.  For bigger kiddos, use a large beach towel.   The measurements wouldn’t need to be changed all that much.
Want to make one?

This towel is a small beach towel…the thin kind.