Perfectly Pink Baby Shower

Our friend Julie had the most darling, perfectly pink baby shower last month.  I felt very lucky when Julie asked me for some help on her ‘pretty table’.
Julie is the cutest pregnant girl ever…and since her last little girl was born 10 years ago, there are all sorts of new little dainties for little girls these days.  She’s beyond excited to doll-up this new little cutie.  So, she wanted a headband making table to get this little girl started out right!
{she didn’t need my help, but here’s what we did}
The ‘Pretties’ table, complete with instructions on what to do:
 Most importantly, we had a huge stash of flowers and bows all ready to go.  Julie actually has a ton of very crafty and creative friends that could have busted out something extraordinary with raw materials, but she also has a bunch of friends where crafts just aren’t there thing.  The fun thing was that even “the jock” sat down and did something completely out of her comfort zone, and was able to {ba-da-bing} put a darling head band together because all it took was a little glue.  We did the hard stuff ahead of time.  
 We clothes-pinned a bunch of flowers to a bow board, and had some extras on a plate just beneath it for their choosing pleasure.
Next to the flower choices was a little canister that had the headbands, pre-glued to the correct size, clothes-pinned to it (and had the extra colors inside it as well).
 We had some canisters with the essentials, scissors, extra hot-glue sticks and some ready to go glue guns…
…and a smaller dish with tags and some small felt circles.  Julie wanted to make sure that she knew who had made each headband, so we provided tags that could easily be slip-knotted onto the headband.  The felt circles were to be glued on the back of the headband, underneath the flower to protect the babies head.
 So, all the guests had to do was:
1. Pick a ‘pretty’
2. Pick a headband
3. Hot-glue them together
4. Attach a felt circle to the underside, if needed
5. Write their name on a tag, and slip it onto the headband
It was a hit, and so fun for Julie later to see who made what kind of headband…she said that many of them she could totally tell who made them by the color choices, etc.  fun!
Want to see some more pictures from the shower?  I had nothing to do with the rest of this beauty…but it was so classy, clean and lovely.  They did such a great job!
The pink sweets:
 The refreshment table…full of pink yumminess
 The water bottles…even those were fancified!
 Cups ready for pink lemonade.