Baseball Birthday Party

 Well, it was bound to happen in our family at some point…and it did!
My son Max turned 6 last week, and asked for a Baseball birthday party.
I was ecstatic!  (My husband works for a certain baseball team, and we are a BASEBALL kind of family)
So, my heCandy and i put together what we thought was a really fun day for 6 super cute boys…
The invitation:
 We have a supply of baseballs laying around the house, so we just used what we had and wrote all the details for the party on any empty white space.
 Max and I ran around delivering them to his friends.
Since my husband works for a certain ball company, we often get some of their game night giveaways sent to us…I’ve been saving up for some time to make the goody bags the best goody bags ever…best part is, the only thing I paid for in there was the cracker jacks from the dollar store (3/$1)
Favor Bags included:
 I got the plates and napkins at Michaels (8 plates for $1, 8 Napkins for $1)
 My only real cost was purchasing the raglan shirts for the boys.  but since I paid less than $10 for the whole party, I was great with spending money on the shirts!  I freezer-paper stenciled the boys first initials on the front of each shirt…
they loved them!
 It was the perfect day for what we had planned…a Water-baseball party which involved about 400 of these:
 We did Sliding practice:
Which involved some of this:
 Batting Practice:
{my favorite part} which involved some of this:
 Of course, good ole catch:
 classic fun:
 and a couple other good ole-fashioned little league games that even my husband and I got in on…{unfortunately, most of the red team wasn’t able to come}
 we ate Mint Chocolate Chip and Chocolate Ice Cream cake, which I didn’t take any good pictures of because it was sooo stinkin’ hot out, that it was getting melty-melty pretty fast.  {…and I’ll do a tutorial on how I make those later, by the way}
 …and all of this made one extremely happy 6-year-old!
 and…if you’re interested in making the same signs that I made (or similar ones) I just uploaded the font called Marcelle from and then created a Word document.
(I tried, after the fact, to make the downloads available for you, but for some reason, I’m too technologically dense to figure out how!  arggh!  sorry!)  I’ll keep working on it, though.  Stay tuned!