Autie’s Instagram Summer

As Jen said, our summer is quickly coming to a close.  With only a week left, I’m reveling in our last few beach days, and while I’m excited to get back on a schedule, and have my routine back, I sure do like sitting in the sand with a diet coke in my hand!
This summer, I finally joined the rest of the world and received an iPhone…and one of the first apps I uploaded was instagram…so, here’s a look at my summer through the lens of my…phone:
Beach Days!
{at least 3 days a week, you can find my family at the beach, and we love it, so while I looked back at my pictures, they mostly had either sand or surf in the background! ps…check out that bathtub full of sand!}
Trip to Arizona!
{My husband works for the Arizona Diamondbacks, so we got to tag along on one of his business trips.  The kids and I spent the week with Grandma and Grandpa and visiting friends while my heCandy worked…we love arizona!}
etc, etc etc!
 We have spent so much time with our good friends, and having fun together as a family!  We’ve explored new parks, tried new places to eat (our favorite being Slater’s 50/50, had a birthday party, watched football practice, and done a little bit of crafting on the side!)
here’s to our 1 more week of summer…
{we’re spending it in Palm Springs with Jen and her family!}