Everyday Basics: The Everyday Skirt

I’ve seen these types of skirts in Old Navy and Target, and they aren’t very expensive.  But I thought I would try to make one myself and see how fast a project it turned out to be.
Goodness knows I have enough fabric.
P.S. I went to LA again this past week…and bought some more amazing knits.  It was so fun.  And I met Dana of MADE  {we were wearing the same outfit…ha} and Ashley of Lil Blue Boo.  Randomly.  It was so much fun.


I made mine a little more fitted than the ones at Old Navy, but if you wanted it looser, all you would have to do would be to angle the sides out a couple inches more on each side.  When trying mine on, I liked the midi length, but you could make any length you like.  So versatile.
And so comfortable.
I made a pattern for those of you medium sized girls.  If you are smaller or larger, just adjust the pattern a bit.  It is a super simple pattern.  Just know, that this skirt would need to be larger if your knit is a 4way stretch fabric or super thin and clingy.
Want to make one?

Materials: About one yard of fabric

Pattern (Scribd…not working so well for people)
Pattern (Google Docs)
1. Tape pattern together and cut out 2 skirt pieces.

**Make sure you use a stretch stitch for attaching the waistband…or serger.  
A narrow zigzag is great.

Try on skirt, figure out where you want the hem, and cut off any necessary.

Hem skirt.

To make a custom size, measure your waist.  Divide by two. This number will
be the measurement of the top of the skirt.  The bottom of my skirt is about 10″ wider than the top.
To make it looser/flowier add from there.  For your waistband, measure your waist and subtract about 3 inches depending on how stretchy your fabric is.  With some thinner knits, they stretch out, and you may want to go smaller.