Mismatched Maxi Skirt

You all know that I have a love affair with knits, stripes and maxi’s…don’t you?
So here is my latest knit striped maxi:
Thanks to the brilliant Elle Apparel skirt, as well as using a similar skirt I bought at Brass Plum last year as a pattern, making these types of maxi skirts has never been easier.  I have SO many that I want to make.
I have a really good friend that I just love, and she is moving out of state,
so as a sort of ‘thank you for all that you do plus goodbye’ gift, I made her this skirt.
(I thought I would have enough fabric for one for me too,
but with the diagonals involved, there wasn’t enough.  Bummer!
So I just cut out a summer knit cardigan out of the rest.
Still not sewn, but hopefully soon.)
It fit her perfectly, and she loved it!
 Definitely need to make one for me soon!
What I really need is a whole weekend to myself to just sew everything I have on my list.
Keep Dreaming.
If you don’t have any cute striped knit, you could do two colors of solid, for a color blocked look!
If you aren’t a size Medium, you can make your own pattern using a maxi skirt you own,
or follow the Elle Apparel tutorial.
If you create your own pattern, this one is a little straighter.
Remember to draw the diagonal line and cut your pattern into two sections.
To make one, here is what you do:
Here is the pattern is layed out after you print it:
Cut 2 of each piece, laying the pattern on the diagonal the way you like it.  Pay attention to the right side and wrong sides of the fabric.
Here is a drawing of how to lay out your pattern pieces on the stripes (made with paper and sticky notes 🙂
Pattern Layout
As you can see, with the top portion, the diagonal cutting line is cut parallel to the stripes.  The bottom portion diagonal is cut perpendicular to the stripes.  Then turn your pattern pieces over for the back pieces, paying attention to where the pattern pieces lie on the stripes so they can match up!  BTW they might not fit like they did on my little drawing (you may need to stagger them down the fabric) but you get the point hopefully!
Cut the waistband.  If you are using my pattern, cut a rectangle 10″ tall by 28″ wide.  (The 28″ along the stretch.)  If your fabric is super thin or extra stretchy, you might want to go 27″)
If you are making your own pattern, measure your waist and subtract about 2-3″ allowing for stretch) to get the width.
By the way, I made it extra long, so try it on before you hem it.  You may have to cut some off.

Pin on the diagonal line, as shown, with right sides together.  Sew.

Once you  have your skirt front and back, follow my tutorial for the Everyday Skirt for the rest.  Even though that skirt is short, the steps are the same for a maxi.
Have fun, this is a super fun, easy project!