Scarlet’s Blessing Dress

I’ve been so excited to share this project with you!  I’ve been anticipating it ever since I found out that I was having a girl, and my Mother-in-Law asked if I’d like her to make Scarlet’s Blessing Dress.
In our church, when a new baby is born, the baby is given a special blessing, in which their name is recognized on the records of the church.  Most often the babies are dressed in white, baby girls get all fancified, and its an event in their new little lives that we as families look forward to, and treasure.
If you’d like to look more into what a baby blessing is, check out {this website}
Anyways, Scarlet was blessed at the beginning of this month, and was able to wear this new beautiful dress:
Her Grandma made the dress for her, from a snapshot seen somewhere on the internet years ago…I never even had a link, I’m so sorry, all we had was a printed picture of a dress!  Anyways, when we found out we were going to have a girl, this was the dress I wanted her to be blessed in, and how much better that Grandma made it for her!  Isn’t it beautiful!?
So, since I wasn’t the seamstress, here’s what I can tell you!
She started out with that delicious pre-ruffled fabric that we purchased at the LA fabric district (just at some random shop right up the main drag…they have very high-quality pre-ruffled fabric that’s more opaque, compared to the ‘cheaper’ kind; it sort of reminds me of little girls tights..thicker, you know?)
It’s not pure ‘white’, so my MIL found some knit that matched and made the teeny-tiny bodice by altering an old existing pattern to make it have a cap sleeve.
She handed it over to me with a bag of some flowers, some made from the ruffled fabric itself, some from felted wool that she felted herself, and some that were store bought…but the real treasure is the lace in the upper left-hand corner, which was a part of a collection of old lace that belonged to her mother, Evelyn.  (Scarlet’s middle name is Evelyn after her Great-Grandma, so that makes it special x 2!)
I got to hand-stitch the flowers and lace on how I wanted them.
Scarlet looked beautiful, of course, in her little white dress, and maybe when she’s a mommy her little girl can wear it, too.  It’s definitely something we’ll treasure!
Did you notice her bracelette?  I love it, and I’ve had her wear it to church every week since!  It’s the {bling} from one of our sponsors {Oh Baby Baby Boutique}.  It’s so dainty and sparkly, and I love that it’s adjustable, so she can continue to wear it as her tiny wrists get bigger.   
…and her headband is {the box-fold felt flower} that we shared with you previously!