DIY Personalized Beach Towels

I made a couple of personalized beach towels a couple of summers ago using some Costco bath sheets (you know those huge bath towels they have?)  and some fabric scraps.  In preparing for Summer here at the Beach, I knew I had to make another towel for my new little one (though she won’t be doing much swimming this year).  I just thought I’d share the idea with everyone, because we’ve loved every part of these simple beach towels.
-Apply Wonder-Under or Heat n Bond to the back side of fabric scraps.
-Cut your fabric letters using either your Cricut or print out a font from your computer and trace it onto the back of your wonder under (backwards, so that when you flip it over it will be the correct orientation)
-Once cut, peel off the back of the wonder-under paper and Iron letters onto the towel
-Reinforce by stitching around the perimeter of each letter.
This is a perfect idea for a Spring or Summer birthday gift…or perhaps just the ticket to jump start your summer for your kids.
…and speaking of Beach Towels, go here to see my new Favorite!
here’s a little sneaky peek…isn’t it pretty!?!
Happy Summer