DIY Summer Knit Cardigan

I love cardigans.  I have quite a few.
And I could use some more.
I decided that I would combine three of my favorite cardigans into one
perfect lightweight cardigan for summer.
So, earlier this week, I got busy making the pattern.
Yesterday I sewed it up.
Well… I made it too small!
As my arms looked like stuffed sausages in the sleeves, I thought to myself,
‘Who is super skinny that would like this?’
I immediately thought of my good friend’s daughter, Taylor.
She is 12 years old and super cute and stylish,
and I knew she would love the cardi and have fun modeling it for me.
 How cute is she???
 She was so much fun to take pictures of!
 I love how lightweight it is, and the style is just what I wanted.  Just need it bigger.
Did I mention that this is a super easy, quick project?
 It only took me about 2 hours to make. Love that!
So, if you are teeny-tiny,
here is a Size Small pattern (Scribd) or here (Google Docs)
just for you!

I made one for me! See it here.

Here is the size Medium pattern (Scribd) or here (Google Docs)

Want to make one?

1 1/4 yard knit fabric
Size Medium Pattern Map: