The Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee

A couple of weeks ago, when getting ready for this photoshoot, I needed the perfect tee.  Something fitted to go with the full skirt, with minimal cap sleeves and a scoop neckline.
I didn’t have that perfect top.  I have a Shade Clothing tee, but the neckline is too high, and I feel like it is not flattering at all.  I also have a couple of Layers Clothing tees, but I don’t have white.  I really like the fit and cut of the Layers ones, but they are no longer in business.
After the photoshoot, which were skirt-only pictures, I decided to make my own
Perfect Fitted Cap Sleeve Tee.
I used a Layers tee (size M) as a guide and slightly modified it
(shortened the sleeve just a tiny bit, and added a band to the neckline).
I am SO happy with the way it turned out.
Here is the free pattern (Scribd) or here (Google Docs) you can download.  Hand-drawn, sorry!
Print with no page scaling.
It is a size Medium.
(I just realized I forgot to include a 1″ scaling box,
but if you measure between the arrows on the fold symbol, it is 1 1/4″)


3/4 yard Jersey Knit fabric
(The nicest you can find.  You don’t want super thin, see-through knit)

1. Lay your pattern piece on the fold.  Cut 2 along the higher neckline (back piece)

(Use a 1/4″ seam allowance)

Update: OK- Before  you sew your shoulder and side seams, go to Crafterhours and look at her method for sewing in neckbands.  (As well as see her super cute dress/tutorial/pattern!)
I am going to try this method next time! 

Tip: You might want to adjust the band so a little more band is in the front. (Move the marks on the band at the shoulder seam toward the front neckline about 1 centimeter on each side.)  This helps with puckering.
(When stitching the neckband on, remember to stretch only the band, not the top.)