DIY Trinket Box Pin Cushion

We were going through a bunch of my Grandma’s boxes last summer with my mom and my sisters, and she was giving stuff away left and right.  This little jewelry/trinket box was destined for DI, so I grabbed it, thinking I’d do something with it.
I ran across it last week, and decided I better do my something!

This was the quickest project ever…and I spent nothing on it, using only supplies on hand
(Ok, I borrowed some fluff from a friend)
 I pulled the pin out of the box that acted as the hinge…I just used some needle nose pliers to grab it, and pulled it out.
 I spray-painted with a couple coats, 2 right side up, and 1 upside down to make sure I got every little nook and cranny covered.
For the pin cushion, I traced a medium-sized mixing bowl and cut out the circle.
 I then did a quick basting stitch with my sewing machine around the perimeter and gathered it, making a big pocket.
 I stuffed the ball to bursting…and then tied my thread tails into a double know to sort of keep it into place.
 I did add a little bit of fluff to the trinket box, as well…
 Next I stuffed in all of my sides and fluff into the trinket box, and glue-gunned one edge at a time, holding the squished ball into place for a minute or so on each side.
that’s it….super easy and fun!