DIY Framed ABC’s

A year or so ago, I saw this pillow on NieNie’s blog.
(her Homemade Christmas 2010)
I loved it, but I think I have an obsession with pillows, and just have too many around this place, so I decided to make it into a wall-hanging for my kids’ room.  It’s a good thing I did, because it turned out way bigger than a pillow should have been! 
I did post it on another personal blog of mine, back when I first made it, but recently, a friend of mine asked me if I’d make one for her.  She was redecorating her playroom, and wanted one that would go with her color scheme, which was red, turquoise with some yellow and green accents here and there. 
 The red sort of stood out a little too much compared to the other more mild colors (I love red and turquoise together, by the way, just my felt selection must have been lacking) so I decided that I’d only use the red to highlight the first letters in her two kids’ names: Logan and Taylor.  I thought it was fun to put an emphasis on those two letters and make them stand out, to give it a little extra meaning to their family.  
 I love how it turned out (wish I could see it hanging up in her playroom myself, but she stinkin’ lives in TX!)
If you want to make one of your own, here’s what I did:
-I cut out all the letters with my Cricut at 5 1/2 inches using a favorite font: street sign
-I filtered through both my pile of felt and my friend Lauren’s pile of felt and picked only the best colors! (I only repeated a couple of times)
-I pinned the cardstock letters onto the felt and cut, cut, cut
-I arranged my letters onto a piece of plain white cotton fabric (1/2 yard)
-I used wonder-under to attach the pieces onto the fabric temporarily
-I stitched around the perimeter of each letter using mustard colored thread…just to show off how awful I am at sewing super straight.
-I bought an ug frame from goodwill and sprayed in Sun Yellow…twice
-I taped my masterpiece around the cardboard piece that came with the ug frame
-I hung it up for me to smile at every time I look in the kids’ room!