DIY Hopscotch Skirt

In case you missed it, I was a
Here is the project that I came up with.  It was for me, but you could make it for a child, too!
Like many of you, Pinterest has become a huge source of inspiration for me.
When I was trying to think of something to make for the series,
I found this Marc by Marc Jacobs skirt on my board, from a cool fashion blog called Thread Ethic.
Mine isn’t quite as dramatic, but I loved the idea of a checkerboard effect.
…hopscotch…get it?
So I whipped this skirt out
(It is a relatively quick project)
and braved the wind outside to take photos.
{Almost all of them looked windblown and lopsided,
these are the best of the lot…sorry!  That darn wind…}
My verdict?
Amazingly comfortable AND Flattering.
 (The sash hides right-below-waist problem area…)
I think I could live in this skirt all summer long.
Wide striped knit fabric (amount varies per person)
I had you cut your skirt pieces a lot longer than you need, because when I matched up my side seams,
to get them to match up the way I wanted, I had to cut off 4 rows of stripes total… so just in case that happens to you…you will have plenty of length to work with!