DIY American Girl Doll Pillowcase Nightgown

This week my little girl turned 6.  For weeks she has been asking for an American Girl Doll, and I finally caved.  On Friday, I pulled her out of school a bit early, and we (and grandma and one cousin) went to the American Girl Place in LA.  She had so much fun picking out a doll that looks just like her, and one outfit for the doll.
Since the doll was so expensive, there wasn’t going to be anything for Emily to open on her actual birthday. As she was getting dressed for bed one night in one of her pillowcase nightgowns, I got the idea for nightgowns for the doll, too.
So Monday night I whipped these out for her birthday the next day.
I used simple fold-over elastic since that is what I had,
but lace elastic would obviously be cuter- about 1″ wide.
It is the perfect way to use up some fabric scraps!
Does your child (or grandchild) have an 18″ doll that could use a nightgown?

fabric scraps
fold-over or lace elastic

First, you need to make your “pillowcase”:

Then, cut your elastic: 1 piece that is 11″ long for the chest, and 2 pieces that are 6″ long for the straps.

Once your pillowcase is made, follow the tutorial for the big girl pillowcase nightgowns here.