DIY interchangeable birthday sign

I’ve been looking forward to posting this project for a long time!  I’m so excited to finally have it done (it was a fast project, I’ve just had other things to do!)  Anyway, just in time for my Ivy’s birthday on Sunday, I have another cupboard door project for you.
You remember my last cupboard door project {here}.
My Father in Law recently dropped off a whole slough of unused cupboard doors of all shapes and sizes.  And as you know I’ve been on the prowl for some more front door signs for my {post}
So, I thought I’d make a birthday sign to mark the birthday week of each of the people in our family.  It’ll make them feel special for a whole week, right?
Everybody has their own little name plate, and when birthday week rolls around, we’ll bust out the sign, and stick a new name on there!
Want to make one?

Items you’ll need:
Cupboard door (size doesn’t really matter!)
Spray paint in the color of your choosing
vinyl for use with your Cricut
1 Package of Woodsies craft plates from Joanns
Outdoor Hooks/Mug Hooks (I got mine from Ace Hardware forever ago)
  Ribbon/Rope to use to hang your sign
Staple Gun
{I’m not going to be super specific, as far as measurements go, because your cupboard door is bound to be a different size than mine…and maybe you have longer names for your kids…which means your measurements for the name plates will be different, but the simple assembly is the same, and I’ll just give you a couple of helpful hints!}
1…easy-peasy, you’ve all done this before…all I did was primer my cupboard door with spray paint primer, and then sprayed 2 more coats of my turquoise color.
2…Next, I cut out the vinyl words with my Cricut to fit my dimensions.  (I do have a Gypsy which makes projects like this fabulous!
3…When I attached the vinyl, I made sure to leave a space in between the ‘to’ and the ‘!’ for the name plates that would be hung there!  (You may want to leave that last line (the to…..!) until you have your names all figured out!
I wanted all of my name plates to be the same size…even though 4/5 of us have only 3 letters in our name!  So I made sure I would have room for the black sheep.  I cut my wood plates at 4.5 inches.
4…Next, in case I messed up this next step, I drilled a small hole, large enough for my mug hooks to fit through through the name plates, about a centimeter down from the top (maybe a little less) and exactly half-way in between each plate.
5…I cut each of our names out, using my gypsy as a guide for size
6…Sprayed the name plates white, adhered the vinyl names, and then sprayed them each the color I wanted to on top of the vinyl.  When the paint dried, I carefully peeled the vinyl off of the plate…ta daaa…i love doing that!
7…Lastly, you can’t just center your name plate on your cupboard door, and drill the hole right where you drilled the hole in the name plate.  When you put your hook in, it’ll hang lower than that.  So, I stuck a name plate on a hook, centered it where I wanted it to hang, and then pressed a tiny hole into the cupboard door with the sharp end of my hook (to mark where to drill)
ps…if you waited to put your last line of vinyl on the cupboard door…do it now, while you’re centering your name plates!
 8…Drill away & screw in your Mug Hook…if you want to hang it on a post or your door, cut a length of ribbon appropriately and staple gun it into place.
…and Happy Birthday to Ivy!