DIY Boxy Pleat Dress

Here goes round two of writing this post…I just lost the entire thing I just wrote!  So Fun!
I really hope you aren’t sick of stripes yet…because I still have a TON of striped fabric…
{I better not get sick of them either!}
Here is the last of the everyday dress patterns that I made for Emily.
I finally finished the dress, digital PDF pattern and the tutorial!
(You’d think I would get faster at this!)
 I call it the Boxy Pleat Dress because of the box pleat in the neckline.
Such a small detail but it really makes the dress!
 It is quite easy to sew, because bands are much easier to sew on knits than hems!
 I used a turquoise knit as an accent and added some fun buttons for a POP of color.
 The sleeve length is perfect for spring, and the style is perfect for everyday wear.
I used a facing for the neckline, which was a first for me with knits.
I wasn’t sure how it would work out, but it was super easy!
I really like how the dress turned out, and Emily likes it too! YES!
Here is the Size 5 digital PDF pattern for download (Scribd) or here (Google Docs)***Update***
I forgot to include a little 1″ box for print scale testing on the pattern,
but if you measure the arm band pattern piece, it should be 6.5″ wide.
If that measurement is correct, you printed it right!

1 Yard Main Knit Fabric
1/4 Yard Knit Accent Fabric (Approx same weight as main fabric)
Optional: Embellishment

**Unless noted, all seams are sewn with a 1/4″ seam allowance.**

(OK- Sorry guys! I don’t have pics for the next steps…)
Sew front and back hem band together at side seams, make sure you have right sides together.
Press along dotted lines (on pattern) just like for arm band.
With dress right side out, place hem band over dress making sure all raw edges match up.  Stitch along the raw edges just like for the arm bands.
Press REALLY well.