Sewing for ME

This month,
are hosting an awesome series,
Sewing for Me!
We were asked to participate, and it got me excited to sew for myself again.
It has been a while, and so it was great motivation.  One of my main reasons for starting up a blog in the first place, was to help realize (and actually do it, not just think about) all these ideas floating around in my head.  So many of them are women’s designs, and there is nothing better than being able to wear your own creations.
On that note, I have decided to join in the fun here on iCandy, and make March my Sew for Me month too!  Beginning tomorrow, all my projects this month are for me! (And you too….)
Here are some of our favorite women’s designs that Autie and I have posted,
in case you might have missed them!
And this is a recent one, so you probably already saw it, but I couldn’t leave it out!
I want it.
Stay tuned for my first March project…tomorrow!