DIY Crib Sheets

I’ve finally started doing ‘baby’ things!
We had a crib problem…we somehow misplaced all the hardware to our crib, and then moved.  I turned our house and garage upside-down, but to no avail.  (ps, I’m totally OCD about knowing where stuff is, so this was a horrible experience!)  Anyways, my hero neighbor came over, figured out the hardware that we needed and set it up for me last weekend!  (thanks, Michelle!)
So, now that we have a crib, I can get busy making things and nesting!
I already have a little girl, Ivy, and she’s been in a big girl bed for forever (remember her quilt, here?)
Anyways, I want both of my girls to have matching beds, so I just used fabric from that same line, (It’s a Hoot, designed by Momo for Moda) to make a crib skirt and a crib sheet.  I just used a bumper we had.
I love making crib sheets because I usually make my own crib bedding, and this way the sheets totally coordinate.  Plus, they’re so easy to sew and less expensive than purchased sheets most of the time!
Today, I thought I’d share how I make my crib sheets.  I’ve tried a few different patterns and tutorials, and here is the concoction that I like best!

-2 yards of fabric (can be a cotton or a flannel)
-90 inches of 1/4″ – 3/8″ elastic ( I had a spool of 1/4″ so that’s what I used…if I’d had 3/8″ that’s what I would have preferred)
-Cut your fabric down to 70″ x 45″
-From each corner of that rectangle, cut an 8 and 3/4″ square
 -With right-sides-together match up the 2 sides of each 8 3/4 square and sew them together with a 1/4″ seam allowance.
 (this is what each corner should look like from the ‘right’ side.)
 -Next, finish the sheet edge by turning the fabric under 1/4″
 -Next, sew that edge under another 1/2″ to create the casing for your elastic.  (don’t forget to leave an opening to fit your elastic.)
 -Thread your elastic through the casing
-Sew the ends of the elastic together,  and then sew the opening closed and you’re done!
super easy!