getting organized!

I’m so excited!
we recently moved from a teeny 2 bedroom house to a bigger 3 bedroom apartment.  The best part about moving into our new 3 bedroom place is that our ‘master’ bedroom is huge!  We’ve never experienced a room so huge just for us, so, we switched out our big computer desk to be my ‘craft desk’ and took my little sewing desk and turned it into the computer desk (that lives out in the living room).
Anyway, even with our ginormous L-shaped desk in our bedroom, our King-sized bed, dresser, nightstands etc, we still had a big ole blank wall of nothing.
You can imagine that by living a in a 2-bedroom place, we didn’t have room for a ‘craft room’, or really even much of a craft area, so, for 4 years (ish) my supplies have been stuffed under my bed in tubs, out in the garage in drawers, etc.
Not Anymore!
I’ve been sort of looking for a cute old china hutch to redo to store all of my craft stuff (like Lolly Jane has).  But with no such china hutches showing up on the streets near our house (where I find most of my random stuff) I decided that an IKEA shelf was a great option, so we got one!
So, I emptied out the craft supplies from out in the garage, and got rid of the broken sterilite drawer systems that was storing my stuff, AND pulled all of my craft stuff out of my closet and out from under my bed.  It’s so fun to have a one-stop shop, all organized for me to go to grab the things I need for any project!
Anyway, I just thought I’d fill you in on what I’ve been doing this week: filling tubs & re-organizing stuff!  I’m totally not done…and after I fill all of the holes, I have plans to make labels on each bin and clothespin them on (that’s why there’s a clothespin on the ‘paint’ bin.
I’ll update you when I’m done!
I know not everyone is able to have a super cute and organized room just devoted to crafting/sewing…I’m jealous of those of you who do, but for those of you who have to just find space,
 how do you organize your craft & sewing stuff?