‘duct’orated Razors

My niece, Sydney has been using these fun and fancy duct tapes to make us pen flowers for the last several months.  The flowers are really cute, and she’s 9 and does a pretty good job.  It did get me to thinking to myself: what on earth are all these fun duct tapes for?  why on earth are they everywhere?
 I bet there are books on what to do with it.  I’ve heard of people making wallets with duct tape, etc, belts, probably…fun, right?  Well, we don’t have a fancy duct tape book to tell us what to do with them, but I do have a fancy neighbor and bestie that let her kids decorate their razor scooters with duct tape, and Max has been BEGGING me to buy him some duct tape so he could decorate his razor.
it’s actually been pretty handy…we live in a small are with a ton of kids, all of which have razors, that all happen to look the same.  So how do you tell everyone’s apart?  I wrote Max’s name on the bottom when we first got it, but that means my big-fat-pregnant self has to bend over and pick up the thing to see who’s razor it is…times 5.
Not doing that anymore!
Now we can tell at a glance, from afar, who’s scootin’ on who’s, and who left theirs out!
 So, Max had a fun time designing where which color would go, and what parts would look like.  and then deciding where to tag it with the fun decals that Jillonnie gave him.  (that’s my genius friend)
and it’s duct tape, for heaven’s sake…it’s rough and tough, so it won’t just wear off real fast…and if it does, whatever, we’ll peel of a patch and replace it!
what do you do with the fun and fancy duct tapes?