DIY Maternity Jeans Conversion

I had a pair of jeans that were just too big.  I held on to them because I really liked them, and figured that I could just wear them as my ‘fat jeans’ after my babies, and at least enjoy them for a few weeks…months, whatever.  BUT, because I was seriously lacking in ‘cute’ maternity Jeans (I only have 1 pair that I loved, and can’t wear them every day for 10 months, lets be honest) I thought I’d give a little conversion a whirl.
it worked!
Here’s what I did…and can I tell you, I love them!
{ps, I’m more than a little bit embarrassed that I’m showing off every curve I’ve got…try not to cringe!}

The only thing I needed to buy was a ‘BeBand’ {the Target knock-off of a belly band, I think}  My research showed that these BeBands were awesome!
 1. Cut off just the waist band of your jeans.  NERVOUS, I know…but just do it!  The label was attached a little below the waist band, so I just used a seam ripper to unpick it, and it worked out.
These Jeans happened to have a really short zipper, which ended before the button attachment.  if your don’t, that’s OK, just zip-up your zipper, and cut off the button(s) anyway.
2.) Serge or ZigZag your raw edge.  I didn’t have access to a serger, so I did it the rookie way…serging would’ve been my first choice
 3.) Turn your BeBand inside out
 4.) Insert your Jeans into your inside out BeBand…right sides together.
 5.) Line up the front, back and two sides with the seams on your jeans and stick a pin in at each point.
 6.) Sew a straight stitch, stretching your BeBand as you go.  I held on to each pin, and stitched until I got there, and then grabbed the next pin, and stretched again.
 (you don’t need to worry about using an elastic stitch, or using elastic thread for anything…your jeans to don’t stretch anyways, so just stitch it right on!)
 7.) Just make sure the edge of your BeBand is lined up exactly next to your zigged or serged edge of your jeans
8.) flip your BeBand right-side-out and top stitch right along your seam.  (I tried to make sure that my edges were pointed up toward the BeBand and were caught in my topstitch.
…and VOILA!
Here’s my side-by-side comparison of my jeans to my citizen maternity jeans…my previous favorite pair of maternity jeans.  Why do I like my home-made ones better???
When I wear my citizens, I have to fold the stretchy part over as my pregnancy progresses because it starts to either give me a muffin top, or cuts off circulation.  embarrassing!  So, I fold it down, and then I’m wearing the lowest of low jeans!  hate that!
So, I LOVE these  Jeans…they sort of suck me in so I’m not hanging out all over the place, AND I don’t have to worry about seeing the dreaded line of wear my pants end and my stomach begins.  There’s no line.  So, I guess you have to decide if you like your maternity jeans to come all the way up to your bra…I do!
too much info?  sorry!