DIY Make-It-Work-Week: New Shoe Insoles

A while back, my amazing mother in law bought Emily two pairs of Toms, and I bought her one.  So she had three.  She wore them like crazy!  A few things happened.

1. They got smelly, so I had to wash them a few times
2. She wore them in the sand at the park too many times and the sand got stuck in the insole
3. Unknowingly, washing them caused the leather insole to curl up and get hard

Because of these things, these (relatively pricey) shoes became unwearable.  Which I was having none of!  There had to be a way to fix these cute shoes (and another random pair of shoes).  So I googled “insole tutorial” and found one on Grosgrain.  She used sticky back foam topped with fabric.  I used this as a starting point, but I did things a bit differently, since the ones I made will get a lot of wear and tear.  It worked great!  She is able to wear her favorite shoes again!

Need some new insoles for the shoes in your home?