DIY Make-It-Work-Week: Flower Patch Jeans

Welcome to my Make-It-Work-Week mini series.
For the next three days, I am going to show you the “fixing up” projects that I have been working
on this past week.
Before school started this year, Emily HATED jeans.  But she was converted when we were school shopping, as long as they were SKINNY jeans.  No boot cut, straight leg, etc. So we found a few pairs and she has been wearing them to death.  One of my favorite finds was some Vigoss jegging-style jeans at Costco.  We bought two pairs and they are so comfortable.  Unfortunately, she is really rough on her clothes and shoes, so she recently got a hole in one of the knees.  She then refused to wear them.
Now I did not want these cute jeans to go to waste, so I had this idea to make-it-work!
It was a super easy, fun project!  I used my Accuquilt Go! Baby Fabric Cutter to cut the flowers out.
Emily, Miss Picky, loved them! Thank Goodness.
{She gets that from me…Growing up, my brother and sister used to call me “Picky Picky Jenny.” It was horrible.  And now history is repeating itself…}
To make them, it is super simple:
And that’s it!
Stay tuned for tomorrow’s Make-It-Work!