mom’s silhouette quilt

I’ve been scheming about making a quilt like this for a couple of years.  Silhouettes are everywhere, I keep seeing them framed on walls, above people’s mantel, and i have a couple of pillows with my kid’s cute profiles on them.  I thought it would be fun to make a quilt for my mom with all of her Grand-kids’ silhouettes on it.  The only problem is, that, until recently, her Grand-kids stretched over 4 states, and a chance where we were all in the same place at the same time {and I remembered to take silhouette pics} are few and far between.
But, it’s finally done!…well, almost!
My mom and dad will soon have 11 Grandchildren (that’s why it’s not quite finished, I didn’t want to leave off my cute new baby just 3 1/2 short months before she’s born!)
You know how this works, but here’s the basic run down:
-take profile pics of each kid…same distance away, preferably against a white background
-turn them into black and white pics and print them off just on the computer with regular old printer paper. (I printed mine at 8 x 10)
-outline the profile with a Sharpie so you can see the profile perfectly!
-Before adhering your Heat-n-Bond to your fabric, trace each profile onto the Heat-n-Bond, bumpy side down with a pencil.  You should easily be able to see the lines, esp. on a window or light table.
-iron Heat n Bond, or WonderUnder onto plain black cottoon…(I used Kona cotton)
-cut out each profile
-from your background fabric (my white calico) cut 8 x 8 squares (some of the girl’s hair hung below that…but I didn’t care!
-cut 2 1/2 inch strips of your border fabric
-I pieced the quilt together first, and then ironed on the profiles…and then stitched the names on.  The reason I did it this way (it would have been easier to stitch without the entire quilt on my lap) was because of the hair hanging over onto the borders.
-Baste, pin or tack together your sandwich of quilt top, batting and backing
 Here’s the quote that’s on the extra square!  I love it!
{and ps, it’s not bound yet because there is 1 empty square that needs a silhouette before I can complete it…I hope the unfinished product is good enough for a couple months!
So, that’s what Mom and Dad got for Christmas from me this year!