front porch post

 I swooned when I ran across Dave’s Wife’s front porch post.
 It’s the most darling way to hang signs for holidays, or just a welcome sign next to your door!  So, I pinned her tut, and then called Jen to try to convince her to break out of her sewing shell and try a power tool project with me (I’m a rookie with man-tools myself, so I needed a partner!)  So, with the help of Dave’s Wife and the Home Depot guy, Jen and I are soooo pleased with our man-tool masterpieces!
and just in time for the Holiday!
{autie’s post}
oooh, and did you miss the tut for this PBkids knock-off sign?  click here
{jen’s post}
Prepare yourselves, we may have a small sign fetish for the next year or so!