DIY Knock-off North Pole Sign

I was lucky enough to be able to guest post over at i {heart} naptime last week for Jamielyn and her awesome Crazy Christmas Crafters series.  If you weren’t fortunate enough to check out her blog and all of the fun Christmas Craziness that went along with it, go back and check it out!  In the meantime, here is my Crazy Christmas Crafters Contribution…
The Pottery Barn Kids Knock-Off Hanging North Pole Sign
If you peruse the Pottery Barn Kids website or catalogue, like I do, for inspiration or simply just to copy, you will have seen something like my sign before…I knocked-it-off.  While it’s not exactly the same, I think I got pretty dang close.
here’s the PBK original
One of these suckers, though darling, is $34.00…Mine was just the cost of the vinyl!  AND, I do have an extra piece of vinyl all ready for some lucky winner…here’s how I did mine:

So, this is random, but my sign started out as the freezer door to my daughter’s play kitchen.  I had ordered an extra part for the fridge, and they sent me an extra freezer door as well…I kept it (weird) just in case, and decided that it would be perfect for this!  The freezer door is 11″ x 12″.
I took off the hardware, and those two holes (that my lines are going through as shown below) are perfect to hold my ribbon.  I just needed to make sure that I covered up the ‘handle holes.’  Anyways, So, I primed and sprayed the door glossy white, on front and back.  Then I began to plot my lines for the candy cane stripes.
The larger main lines are plotted 2 inches apart.
ps…I should have done this part in pencil…
Next, I cut tiny strips of red cricut vinyl.  I didn’t use very much, since the strips were so teeny.  The larger candy cane stripes are 3/8″ thick.  I started with those.
I used (16) 4inch strips and (2) 8inch strips (for the ends)
I tucked them around the back as I went, and just made sure that they went in far enough that they’d be covered by the wood part of the sign.
After all of those were laid out, I cut the smaller candy cane stripes.
Each of these were 1/8″ thick.  and again, I used )16) 4inch stripes and (2) 8inch strips.  I eyeballed it as I laid them out, and again, I just wrapped the ends around the back.
here she is so far:
I had some random pepperminty-ish 2 1/2 ribbon laying around in a box, so I cut a length of that, sent each end through the front holes, and knotted them in the back where no one will see them.  (by the way, the holes are 4 inches apart and they are 1 1/2 inches from the top of the sign)
Next step, I cut a piece of thin board just big enough to cover the holes from the handle (93/4 x 8 1/2).  Then I spray painted it red and E-6000’d it to the top of the ‘door’.
I butted the red board right up to the edge of the ribbon holes so the handle went up, rather than out.  Maybe that will make it hang nicely?
I ordered the custom vinyl from my friend Kim from Remarkable Walls.  She ALWAYS does exactly what I want!  and like I said, she cut me an extra piece, only it’s beige…start those wheels a turnin’!
You know how to do this part:
and voila…my porch is ready for Christmas!
So, if you’d like to enter to win this darling piece of vinyl, compliments of remarkable walls, here’s what you do:
-post on your blog, post on your wall, or tweet about this giveaway and linking back to us, and then come back and leave me a separate comment for each, saying that you did so!  Please leave me your email address in your comment!
(total of 3 possible entries)
 AND, also, make sure you’re a follower of iCandy {if you’re not…you won’t know if you won!}
ps..the winner of the Handmade Laine giveaway will be announced Wednesday…stay tuned!